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Software solutions and RFID technology for the healthcare

Tracking of surgical instruments

Our software package ITrack is specifically for instrument management at the OR and policlinics. ITrack connect automatically with MCS and shares the information of instruments sets, the schedule, stock and management between OR and policlinics to the CSA.

The I-Track system makes it possible to track the non-sterile / sterile instruments. This ensures transparency in the documentation of the instruments in the department. In addition, with I-Track you get an full tracking system which you can carry out current location requests for sterile instruments.

I-Track has a functional structure and can be adapted to your individual wishes and needs at any time. The functions of I-Track are shown in figure 1. The diagram illustrates the route of (sterile) instruments in the hospital.

Receive and delivery is the interface to the central sterilization / AEMP and at the same time to the product MCS MediCleanSteril.

It is possible to follow the whole process with the ITrack. Following the release and distribution of the instruments and other surgery equipment. In addition, our software includes validation possibilities and it offers direct connection possibilities with RFID and barcode systems.