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Software solutions and RFID technology for the healthcare

Agillox has more then 25 year experience with RFID and offers several software and hardware solutions with integrations and connections to your medical systems. We do this together with our partners for the CSD, OR and policlinics.

Tracing sterile instruments quickly and easily is a must have in a medical environment. We offer products that characterize quality, functionality, performance and expandability.

With our instrument management software packages MCS (for the CSA) and ITrack (for the OR) we offer the possibility to find the right instruments within a few steps. We use instrument sets (nets) that are provided with a RFID chip (Radio Frequent Identification) which is automatically scanned and registered. With our Track and Trace software we offer you an all-in solution for your instrument management / tracking system (IVS).

Sterilization for surgical instruments

Our software package MCS (MediSterilClean) is part of the instrument management system for your central sterilization department.

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Tracking of surgical instruments

Our software package ITrack is specifically for instrument management at the OR and policlinics.

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RFID solution for the healthcare


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Product benefits:

  • Strong RFID UHF Tag
  • Temperature control of -40°C / +150°C
  • Resistant against cleaning process
  • 10cm – 3m detection distance
  • Own development in co-operation with Amsterdam UMC VUMC
  • Assembly tools for RFID tags on instruments sets
  • Material surgical steel 316L
  • Mobile and fix reader points

The benefits of extending the current system with a RFID-system:

  • No new software needed
  • Only investment for RFID-system
  • HW & SW interfaces with other machines are available
  • Fast implementation
  • Exchange benefits and experience with other hospitals
  • Easy to exchange data with other hospitals
  • New software developments that include the use of current systems